A New Crazy-Talk Series

crazy talk(photo credit)

I’m excited to announce that Crazy Talk is returning just in time to finish the year! I’m finding a deep need among women I know to find a safe, female identified only space to discuss spiritual experiences, visions, dreams, and messages from spirit. I call this series crazy talk to acknowledge that what may be considered crazy by most, is welcome in this circle. Rather than silence your wisdom, let’s talk about it! We will freely talk without judgment and compare notes. It is my sincere belief that we each hold a piece of someone else’s puzzle. But if we are silent because of the stigma of sounding crazy, we will not have the chance to complete the puzzle. Crazy Talk is an opportunity to discover and make sense of the missing pieces to your puzzle and add to someone else’s puzzle. If you have had a deeply spiritual experience and feel like no one will understand, this is the place for you! I’m so looking forward to this gathering!

Webconferencing is available for any remote participants. Because this event is dependent upon participation of more than a couple of voices, I will cancel if there are fewer than 2 people signed up.  Location will be announced to you once you’ve registered.

The first gathering is Sunday, October 7th at 10:30 am CST. Dates for November and December will be established by the group to accomodate schedules. Cost to participate is $15 per gathering.  To register, complete the form below.



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