Martha L. McCamy, MBA, Creator of the Centerline Process

I believe that:

  • Each person is as unique as each star in sky, each snowflake, or tear, or raindrop
  • Our culture creates a crisis of character by pulling us away from our uniqueness
  • Our uniqueness defines our purpose or sense of meaning
  • Just like on a road trip, our path or purpose often veers from the centerline of the route we are meant to take
  • Each person’s purpose when fully embraced brings balance to family, friends and communities

In 2016 I created the Centerline Process after seeing so many people, women in particular, struggle with a lost sense of meaning or purpose. In my late 30’s and early 40s. I was experiencing a crisis of character like so many others I knew. In my search for purpose, I listened to others tell their stories. I realized I could hear their purpose shining in their voices when they talked about the good times in their lives; I could hear their sorrow, disappointment, frustration when they talked about difficult times. I could hear the unspoken in their pauses or silence. I could hear their anxiousness in their rambling attempts to explain themselves. I could visualize a centerline of their character – the most direct route to their purpose.

For the past 10 years I have been on a journey to find and return to my centerline. I have studied indigenous healing (shamanism), the use of ayahuasca for personal growth and healing, and Tibetan Buddhism. In 2016 left my role in the corporate world to develop the Centerline Process and offer it to others wishing to identify their unique and authentic qualities. I am currently pursuing a master’s degree in clinical counseling. In addition to creating the Centerline Process, I am a co-founder of the Shitty Barn (2010 – 2017), co-founder of the Ayavolve Institute for Psychedelic Integration and have been a psychedelic integration coach since 2015.  I hold an MBA and embrace my years of overseeing complex technology projects as a respected Project Manager and Agile Coach.  I cherish my role as a mom to two healthy children, a precious small dog and the sweetest kitty ever.