Is this for me?

Some of the most profound personal transformation we experience in life can erupt out of personal crises, sometimes called “disorienting dilemmas”. This can also be a time when we are struggling to find or remember our centerline. You will find the Centerline Process helpful if you are currently

  • experiencing loss
  • feeling stuck, confused or out of touch with yourself
  • experiencing a spiritual awakening or crisis
  • experiencing a crisis of identity
  • in the midst of life changes

As your coach, I will apply the knowlege and methods of indigenous wisdom keepers from around the world. Through deep listening, spirit tracking, and compassion I give you my full attention to help you see the centerline on the road you travel. Together we will step through the Centerline Process to identify your

  • passions,
  • responsibilities,
  • blindspots and
  • strengths

Discover the essence of your authentic purpose.  Develop a plan to walk your path from a position of strength and certainty.

All plans are customized to the needs of the individual.